Check it out, new services

We’ve been quiet, but hard at work here at Pen & Chip.  Today, I want to announce 2 new services: Business Operations Audits. Your business is running along, you’re growing, and suddenly orders aren’t going out as fast as they used to. Customers are calling your service reps asking “where’s my return?” And suppliers aren’t […]

Is the Business World Returning to Normal?

No doubt about it, we are living in interesting times. I’ll bet that in 20 years or so, people will be telling their grandchildren stories about 2020. Life and business after COVID.  As I write this, in late March of 2021, it’s beginning to look like life is stabilizing.  Yes, there’s still masks and vaccinations […]

Productivity Tips

There are a lot of resources out there. Today I’d like to share some productivity ideas for small businesses. This article from Small Business Trends has some good ideas. 15 Productivity Tips to Help Small Business Entrepreneurs Succeed. I like #2, Leverage Your Flexibility. In addition to being able to quickly adapt to changing markets, […]

Just Released!

New book just released: Daily Tasks Are Eating Your Business, How to Minimize Administration and Maximize Growth. Learn how to run your business at peak efficiency, freeing up time to grow the business. For a limited time, here’s a special offer for the book and much, much more: Special Offer Get your copy today!