The Train is Moving


We’re moving forward – services, products, back end applications to give you personalized service. Stay tuned for more updates and a grand opening!

Smart Speakers – Helper or Rise of the Machines?

The ads are slick. You talk and smart speakers with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) do everything for you. Alexa can find you the perfect recipe, change the channel on your TV, and play your favorite music. Amazon’s success with Alexa pulled Google and Apple into the game. And now traditional audio companies like JBL and […]

Setting up a Business is not for the Faint Hearted

business tips

Everyday businesses are created, and everyday some of them fold. It takes guts, and a little touch of mania, to open your own business. There are many online articles with business tips. Still, many new owners struggle with all of the details, or they start out excited and gung-ho, then 2 years down the road […]

The Adventure Begins…

Starting a new business is an adventure. Pen and Chip Consulting was founded by Tzipora Elias, MBA, PMP and provides content marketing, writing/editing, and business consultation services to businesses around the globe. Tzipora has over 2 decades of hands on technology experience, from network administration to systems design to software project management for one of […]