There are a lot of resources out there. Today I’d like to share some productivity ideas for small businesses. This article from Small Business Trends has some good ideas. 15 Productivity Tips to Help Small Business Entrepreneurs Succeed.

I like #2, Leverage Your Flexibility. In addition to being able to quickly adapt to changing markets, small businesses have other flexibility advantages. You can change your operating hours, switch marketing techniques, or modify products without all of the bureaucracy and slow change that comes along with large organizations.

All change comes with risk, so take the time to do an ROI calculation or some sort of pros/cons assessment before jumping in. You want to know the risks you are taking, and if the risk level is one you can accept.

Items 9, 11, and 13 all will help streamline your operations. With the lesser resources available to small businesses, efficiency is critical, and not just to the bottom line. Cutting time spent not growing your business is important to business owners. There are things that only you can do — customer development, business strategy. Get the time to do these vital tasks. Remember that Pen and Chip can assist you with operational structure and efficiency, check out our Services page and our Store for ways we can help.

Reach out, we’re happy to assist you in growing your business today!


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