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Operational Audit

To improve your business, know what doesn't work.

Every company has departments that run smoothly and others that struggle. Pen & Chip’s business operations audit gives you all the information you need for your whole team to work together smoothly.

With our deep business experience we can identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies – and give you implementation options that fit your unique business needs. 

And we can manage any or all improvements, freeing you to focus on your customers. Of course, if you’re a DIY type, that’s OK, too. 

What We Do

P&C will talk with each group in your business to understand their function, goals, stumbling blocks, and successes. We also meet with the leadership team to understand overall business goals and challenges, as well as where you're headed.

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What You Get

After thoroughly understanding your individual business environment, our consultants provide you with a detailed report: what we found, our recommendations to improve any problem areas, and implementation options for each area.

Any business can benefit

It doesn't matter if you've been in business 2 years or 20; getting a fresh look at how your company works is an eye opener. Don't leave money on the table, get your operational audit now.
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Business services are broken down into several areas, please contact us at sales@penandchip.com for further information and quotes.

  • Business Process Design and Implementation: Pen and Chip can help your company re-engineer any business process to improve efficiency, lower costs or meet industry requirements. You want to grow your business, let us help you by setting up processes and procedures that streamline your administration. Whether financial, business continuity, operations or technology we can give your business the advantage.
  • Policies and Procedures: For many small and medium sized companies writing policies and procedures is not a priority. However, without these important documents your company is exposed on multiple fronts. Many of your customers, both current and potential, will require evidence of security, financial, technology, or business continuity policies. Many contracts are now requiring compliance with various standards organizations and these policies are the foundation of meeting those requirements. Pen and Chip can write your documents, review and assess current documentation, or examine your documentation to verify compliance with common standards such as ISO, GAAP and GDPR.
  • Content Marketing:  Experience makes a huge difference when writing content.  Whether it is a blog post, website content, marketing materials, or other online content; we’ve written it all.  In addition, Pen and Chip can provide templates for proposals, business plans, and other complex business documents. 
  • Information Security: Want to review your information security policies and see how they compare to the various Info Sec standards (COBIT, ISO, ISA, etc.)? Pen and Chip can assess your compliance against these standards. We will provide a customized analysis to tell you where are the gaps. Then for any requirements within our practice areas; we can write the policies and procedures needed to meet the appropriate standard.  This is extremely helpful for businesses looking to compete for government contracts.


What are they?

Intelligent ChatBots are proven to increase engagement and revenue, prolong site visits, and improve customer service. Facebook has said that chatbots are their #1 strategy for the next decade. Would you like to have the same capabilities as major corporations like Marriott, PizzaHut, and Sephora? Pen and Chip can provide you with customized chatbots for your site. All you need to do is copy a small code snippet onto your site (and we can provide guidance on that, too.) We handle the customization, administration, and provide monthly reporting on bot activity. Your bot is run from the cloud, with 24/7 availability. Businesses today can’t afford to be without one. Why settle for a messenger style chat, when you can have an intelligent bot helping your customers, even when you can’t?

Afraid of commitment? Then signup for our chatbot trial. A customized bot on your site free for 30 days. What do you have to lose?

Step 1

Call us or fill out our chatbot inquiry form. These are the critical questions:

  • What do you want your bot to do?
  • What benefit do you want your customers to receive from the bot?
  • Do you need a human handoff?

Step 2

Using that information we work with you on the look and feel of the chatbot, what pages on your site will use it, and the bot decision tree.

Step 3

We design and configure your chatbot, test it thoroughly, and load it on our cloud bot hosting platform. 

We give you a line of code for your site header (or instructions on a WordPress plugin). You copy and paste that per our directions.

Step 4

Your bot is live!

Every month we will send you traffic reports, so you know how your bot is performing. 

If you need changes, contact us and we’ll get those implemented as expeditiously as possible. 

That’s it. 


Products & Books

Check out our Products page for books, tools, and customizable documents that will help you minimize your administration effort and allow you to focus on growing your business!

project management

PM Services

Pen and Chip provides contract project management services by a PMI certified project manager for any size project. Whether you need an extra resource, or the scope is outside of your primary business; we can lead your project to a successful conclusion.  PM services include: planning, team leadership, vendor management, budget planning and reporting, governance, risk management, change management, status reporting to sponsor and steering committees. Please contact us to discuss your needs.



We also provide workshops or individual coaching on the following areas:

  • All Star Remote Teams: With the changes in 2020, remote/distributed teams are more common than ever. But managing a remote team has its own challenges. With 15 years of experience leading global teams, Tzipora gives you best practices, stumbling blocks and how to make those virtual meetings enjoyable and productive.
  • Simplified Project Management: Want to manage your everyday tasks more efficiently? This workshop shows you how to complete typical business jobs successfully. You won’t need to master critical path planning or risk management. With years of project management experience, we can show you how to get those smaller projects done with less stress, less time, and while taking care of your business.
  • Vendor Management: Today there are more vendor choices than ever before. How do you suss out the best vendors for your needs, negotiate fair contracts, and keep that relationship productive for both parties? Let Pen and Chip teach you best practices for choosing, and keeping, vendors.


*Please note: group workshops are limited to 10 participants. We are happy to provide larger groups with multiple sessions. Please contact us at sales@penandchip.com for further information and quotes.

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